Portsmouth City Council launches new near miss reporting system

Cyclists in Portsmouth can help make cycling safer thanks to a new near miss reporting system.

Portsmouth City Council's Road Safety and Active Travel team created the web-based system for cyclists who experience a near miss while cycling on Portsmouth's roads with the aim of using the information to inform future road improvements.

The system, which went live at the beginning of March and will be trialled for six months, gathers important data about the road network and the behaviours of road users across the city. Reviewed regularly by the road safety team, the information gathered will support existing collision data and will be used to inform local transport plans and cycle infrastructure schemes.

Since the system went live 29 near miss incidents have been reported. Of the cyclists who made a report 82% were commuters and 93% incidents occurred during daylight. The areas in which the majority of near misses have so far been reported are main arterial routes, and mirror existing collision statistics.

Councillor Simon Bosher, Portsmouth's Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said. "We believe we are one of the first local authorities in England to encourage and enable cyclists to report near misses in this way so we are interested to see how the new system is used.

"We all have a duty of care to look out for each other. As the highways authority we are committed to making Portsmouth's roads safer for cyclists and reduce the number of collisions. Our near miss system will support our work while empowering cyclists to take action themselves by reporting a near miss."

Examples of a near miss include other road users passing too close, or a vehicle pulling in or out across a cyclist’s path.

People's opinions on what qualifies as a near miss may differ depending on their experience and level of confidence as a cyclist, but the council is encouraging all types of near miss to be reported.

Incidents resulting in a collision or which require police investigation should always be reported to Hampshire Police

To report a near miss click here

Thank you to British Cycling for providing the image used in this article